Working in my business, I get to see all the shows and eat all the good food (fat and tired are inevitable)  Here is my short list for the best in Vegas. 


BEST Performance SHOW - Frankie Moreno.  Modern day crooner and great guy

BEST Restaurant on Strip -  Joel Robuchon at MGM.  Its crazy expensive (let me repeat CRAZY EXPENSIVE)  but suck it up and go.  You will need advance reservations and nice suit.  Once in a lifetime type meal.  

BEST Restaurant off Strip - Depends on what you are into that night but the off strip joints are amazing.  One that often surprises folks is Herbs and Rye.  Amazing cocktail bar that just happens to serve amazing food.  Get in and order between 5pm-7:30pm for half price steaks....yup...half price .

Most asked question's

Q - Whats it like to live in Las Vegas?     A - It doesn't suck.  

Q - Didn't you move to Ft Myers, FL?  A- Yes but we bounce between Las Vegas and Ft Myers

Q - Why don't you do a "best of" SW Florida list. A- Great idea, I will do that soon.